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Size Guide

Size guide

Size Guide for Spanish Dresses

For our Spanish Dresses and  Spanish Dresses de Luxe (price range  £ 20,95) we use the following guideline as written below. Please keep in mind that these sizes are guidelines only. Body size of the girl (or your self) determines the real size. Not the clothing size!  Before ordering we kindly advise you to measure. How? Measure from the middle of the shoulder to the middle part between knee and ankle. Be careful in ordering your dress too large to prevent falling.  

Spanish Size


Length in cm/ inch

Size 1

 6 -12  month

  50 cm / 20 inch

Size 2

 1 - 2    years

  60 cm / 24 inch

Size 4

 3 - 4    years

  70 cm / 27 inch

Size 6

 5 - 6    years

  75 cm / 30 inch

Size 8

 6 - 7    years

  80 cm / 32 inch

Size 10

 7 - 8    years

  85 cm / 34 inch

Size 12

 9 - 10  years

  95 cm / 38 inch

Size 14 (S)

 10 - 11 years

 105 cm / 41 inch

Size 16(M)

UK size 10

 110 cm / 43 inch

Size 18 (L)

UK size 12 

 115 cm / 45 inch

Size 20 (XL)

UK size 14

 120 cm / 47 inch

Size 22 (XXL)

UK size 16

 125 cm / 49 inch

Size Guide for Spanish Flamenco Shoes

Meten is weten

Our Spanish shoes have different sizes compare to the UK sizes. Please follow our guidelines to be 100% sure before you order.

How do I order the right size?
1) Measure one of the shoes your child actually wears and measure the length of the sole (foot base). Take a flexible steel rule and measure inside the shoe from the big toe to the heel. Make sure you press the flexible steel rule into the sole.
2) Compare these centimeters or inches with our Flamenco shoes and you will find the right size.
3) No existing shoe available or problems in taking the size? Please measure underneath the foot from the big toe to the heel. Allow at least 1 cm extra wiggle room.

Still not sure about the size? Order one of our cushion insoles here. When feet have grown it`s easy to take them out and enjoy your shoes longer!